Composter Introduction
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Composter Introduction

Voice speech by Linda Mayasari

“Compost” is organic material (commonly unused or leftover) used to fertilize the growth or create something new. Expanding the notion of “organic” will lead us to understand that it could be understood as a condition that shows the relationship between various elements that have compatibility and harmony as necessary parts of a whole. In the “Composter” section under this Rotten TV framework, various process-related materials, including sketches, archives, and any sources, even things that are canceled from being used, are important elements with the “database” characteristics. By including “database” logic into this section, we are being served with lots of options to play with. Moreover, the “database” quality also allows opportunities to create non-singular narratives.

With this way of thinking, “Composter” is a space where various materials can be reviewed, various possibilities can be discussed, and everything that was initially deemed unnecessary becomes necessary. Reviews, ideas that may be passing by, are invaluable energy to keep producing discourse by using multifacetedness. Composter, in this case, is an offer not to believe in the absoluteness of an artistic process’s final result. Cemeti presents materials related to the artists’ creative process to reveal other narratives from the process of Rotten TV – “Yogyakarta Satellite”.

Composter Presentation text by Cemeti-Institute for Art and Society.

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